【Amarillo】The Traditional and Modern Mexican Cuisine, “Abuelo’s”


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When you visit Texas, why not try Mexican cuisine? Texas has numerous great Mexican restaurants due to their historical background and you can not leave Texan without having that.

In addition to it, Texas created Tex-Mex cuisine which is a fusion of United States cuisine and Mexican cuisineh. It makes Texas more interesting place in the term foods.

Now where I am recommending is Abuelo’s, you can have both of authentic Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex cuisine there.

The dishes which Mexican chef cooks is real and he has been spreading his great taste throughout the nations.

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About Abuelo’s

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/abuelos/

First Abuelo’s was stared in 1989 in Amarillo with a goal, “To open not just a restaurant serving delicious, made-from-scratch Mexican food at every day prices”.

As well as that goal, Abuelo’s aimed to be a cozy place with the art and culture of Mexico all age people can come together.

After more than 2 decades, Abuelo’s has achieved more than their first goal and have 39 locations in 13 states, and more openings is being planned.

Now the nation is crazy about their made-from-scratch Mexican foods with their gracious hospitality.

The Great Dishes Chef Luis Creates

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/abuelos/

All menus in 13 states are created by Chef Luis who joined Abuelo’s  in 1996. He is responsible for them and the recipe and techniques he learned from  his grandmother are alive in those dishes.

However, his ambicious never stays only in traditional Mexican cuisine. He re-create his recipes regularly and cover Tex-Mex as well.

You can enjoy his flavorful and colorful presentation on the table and taste is needless to say fantastic.

Recommended Menus

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/abuelos/

When you go to Mexican restaurants, chips are must, isn’t it? Espacially at Abuelo’s, they serve great ones. Chips are brought warm and crispy. And the sauces, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and jalapeño, made from scratch are fresh and even more amazing.

Papa and Medallions are also must there. Papa, a creamy blend of whipped red potatoes, red and green peppers, four cheeses and sour cream, is Abuelo’s trademarked side. Which is definitely heaven.

They have various types of bacon-wrapped medallions, such as chicken, pork, beef. They all so yummy as well.

Signature Drinks

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/abuelos/

You will be happy when you see the lineup of their drinks. They have Mojito, Margarita, Sangria and so on and more than enough to feel Mexico.

The looking is also lovely and they are exactly what girls want for the company of their dinner.

They are always ready for your fun party time!

Restaurant Details

【Address】3501 W. 45th Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79109
【TEL】+1 806-354-8294
【Opening Hours】Sun – Thu: 11:00 – 23:00, Fri & Saturday: 11:00 – 23:00
【Happy Hour】Sun – Fri: 15:00 – 19:00
【Official Website】http://www.abuelos.com/