【Amsterdam】The Happiest and Greatest Apple Pie, “Winkel 43”


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Have you ever heard of Winkel 43? If not, please take a note not to forget because it is a place you do not want to miss when you visit Amsterdam.

Winkle is a very lovely cafe which is famous for its amazingly delicious apple pie and people call this the best apple pie in Amsterdam.

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Location and Date You Should Go

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Winkel43/

Winkle 43 is located in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. It is a very nice neighborhood near to Anne Frank House, right next to the Noordermark market which sells organic products.

They have seats both inside and outside. To see people passing by heading for markets is a really nice picture of Amsterdam and makes your break time even better.

But if you would like to avoid a long queue and too busy vibes, try not to visit on Markets days (Noordermark on Saturdays, flea market on Mondays) and Tuesday to Friday are recommended.

The Reason People Keep Coming

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Winkel43/

When you go inside, there are a lot of tourists and locals eating an apple pie with a smile. Yes, that is what people come for.

In 5-10 minutes after your order, the waiter will bring you an apple pie which is just baked out of the oven. This is why the cafe is always full of sweet smells.

First, you will be surprised by the thickness of the apple pie and chunky cut of an apple. However, the whipped cream is not beaten in size.

This looks very heavy, but once you bring it into your mouth, the whipped cream is not that sweet and the apple has both moderate sourness and sweetness. Each flavor gets along with each other and tastes fabulous. Also, the pie is very crispy and more like cookies.

The great first impression never lets you down to the very last bite and gives you a SWEET moment.

What is The Best Company?

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Winkel43/

Here are 2 options about which drink you order. The first option is cappuccino. The bitterness of cappuccino goes very well with an apple pie. Also, their art on top is adorable.

The second one is the mint tea. They actually have mints, the stem, and leaves as they are, in the glass and pour hot water there. The refreshing smell of the mint is quite nice especially in the morning to wake you up.

Meanwhile, some locals have beer with apple pie under the shiny sun. We may call it Dutch style!

Other Information

Winkel 43 offers lunch and dinner as well as an apple pie.

On a sunny day, the lunch at the table outside is very nice for some friends gathering or breaks after a lot walking for the sightseeing. Mini croquettes on the snack menu are recommended and they are a good portion to grab before an apple pie.

For the dinner, the menu changes daily and they have meat, fish, vegetarian dishes. The bar is also open until after midnight.

That way, you can enjoy Winkel 43 anytime as you like, early morning to midnight. But please never forget to keep room for an apple pie! You can never leave without having it.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Noordermarkt 43, 1015 NA Amsterdam
【TEL】+31 20 623 0223
【Open Hours】Mon:7:00 – 1:00, Tue-Thu:8:00 – 1:00, Fri:8:00 – 3:00, Sat:7:00 – 3:00, Sun:10:00 – 1:00
【Official Website】http://www.winkel43.nl/