How to Write an Article


We believe that most of you have never written articles for this kind of website.

But don’t worry, there is nothing difficult here. It has just some important points you should consider before starting.

Point.1 Article should include some useful information

When you write articles, kindly include some useful information for tourists.

For example;

  • What are the good points of that place/why you recommend that place
  • If you recommend restaurants, what is special there
  • When is the best time or season to go
  • How to get there
  • Some campaign or discount information

To be honest, it can be anything!
So just think what would you, as a tourist, want to know before going to a new place!

Point.2 At least one photo should be included

When you recommend something to others, photos help a lot to show how good it is.
So when you submit an article, kindly attach some photos as well.
Also, photos must be taken by yourself or come from the official website because of the copyright policy.

If that photo includes yourself with a big smile, it would be much appreciated. That way readers can know who wrote that article and it would be more reliable!

Point.3 Only places you and local people love

In this website, we would like to introduce really nice places which local people love and normally are not on guide books or magazines. So please be advised not to find places from those media. We would like to know where you like to go!!

Point.4 The originality is the most important

When you write articles, all contents should be written by you and not taken from other websites.

Of course that you can refer to other websites to get some information, but please write the article with your own words instead of quoting others.

Also we don’t mind if your English or composition is good or not, they are part of your originality and reader would feel more familiar with you.

But kindly allow us to correct your sentences or grammar if it is difficult to understand.

Point.5 More that 2000 words are preferred 

When you write articles, the volume should be around 2000 words. It is then when you can include enough information.

But even if it is less than 2000 words, we will accept it. Kindly be informed that we may add some extra information.

Point.6 Title and Paragraph

The article should be composed of a title and a paragraph. Kindly separate articles into several parts and make title emphasize what you would like to tell people about that place. In other words, you can put appeal points on the title.

That’s it!! We hope that you feel comfortable writing them!

If you are interested, please proceed to the page below and apply!!


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