Rules of Article Writing


Everyone can write articles for this website!

But here are some rules we want you to follow;

1.You should be a local

When you recommend some places on this website, we prefer if you live there. Sometimes, you can recommend good places that you actually visited when you travel or some places that you may have heard from your friends.
We don’t have a very strict rule, but please be advised that all information has to be true and useful to other people who plan to visit there.

And we would appreciate more if you introduce some places only known by locals and that are not on guide books or magazines.

2. Photos have to be copyright free

When you write articles, we want you to input some photos of the places you recommend.

It is the best that you use photos you took. Also in those photos, people’s faces should NOT be identified due to the Portrait right.
If you don’t have photos , you can get photos only from their official website. When you do that, please input the URL where you got those photos from as well.

3.No copy and paste or re-wright

When you wright articles, all contents have to be original. Please do not use sentences or paragraphs from other website as they are.

4.Information of the place is needed

To help people visit the place you are talking about, please put basic information of the place you recommend as below:

【Open Hours】
【Regular holiday】
【Official Website】 URL

When you get this information, please check the official website and make sure that they are the latest one.

If you are not sure about any of this or the place does not have any, you can skip this part!

To be honest, nothing is set yet! So we can create this website together!!
Please, don’t be afraid to contact us if you are interested in writing an article! Any question will be accepted!!

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