【Cologne】The Hugest Schnitzel, “Bei Oma Kleinmann”


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On the Zülpicher Straße which is the street with array of pubs, there is an old fashioned pub, Bei Oma Kleinmann.

The old and graffiti-covered restaurant is easily skipped if you do not know how great foods they serve. Schnitzels there will be the hugest one you have ever seen for sure and many locals, from students to old couples, frequent.

Their menu is emphasized almost only on schnitzels, and the wide option of that never bores you.

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About Bei Oma Kleinmann

source pf photo:https://www.facebook.com/beiomakleinmann/

Bei Oma Kleinmann is translated as “Aunt Kleinmann’s Diner”, and it was named after the owner, Oma Paula Kleinmann. She started it in 1949 and had cooked herself until she passed away in 2009. She always welcomed her gusts, students to old couples, with her heart and home crafted recipes.

During the Carnival, many people gathered there and enjoyed her foods as well as dance. Needless to say, she was the reason to come and was everyone’s grandma.

Now the successor runs Bei Oma Kleinmann as it was and everything Oma created is still there.

The Tasty and Huge Schnitzel

source of photo:https://traveloco.jp/cologne/recommends/gourmet/5931

The schnitzel at Bei Oma Kleinmann never fits in the plate, obviously is over-sized. We can see Oma’s soul trying to fill her hungry gusts as much as she could.

Schnitzel is basically from Austria, however there are some reasons you should have schnitzel at Bei Oma Kleinmann.

I guess you have never seen the long list of schnitzels in any other restaurants before. They have more that 10 types of schnitzels on the menu and the homemade sauces each has make them difference from Viennese one.

Mushroom cream sauce is amazing and the most popular one. If you have a company, Pineapple curry sauce is recommended for the second schnitzel.

You can opt for either with pork or veal (Some say pork one is bigger). This huge schnitzel is very tender and delicious, and never lets you leave with hungry.

Other Than Schnitzels

source of photo:http://blog.goo.ne.jp/hotty_1980/e/b90b797187abfe2ccf9775ea054f03cd

You can enjoy appetizers which are made of seasonal ingredients.

The homemade soup, such as chicken cream soup, tomato chili soup and peanut soup, warms up your body in the winter.

Kölsch,which is the beer made in Cologne, should not be missed of course.

The nice beer, wooden tables, the old photos on the walls, a little bit noisy vibe…There is everything you expect in German pubs and you will experience a great local dinner.

Additional information

source pf photo:https://www.facebook.com/beiomakleinmann/

They are always packed and most of visitors make a reservation in advance and try to get a good table. Hence when you visit there, please do the same at least 2 days before your visit.

You have to pay cash, no credit card accepted.

The Zülpicher Straße  has a lot of great bars, hence it is recommended to go bar hopping after the dinner at Bei Oma Kleinmann.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Zülpicher Str. 9, 50674 Köln
【TEL】+49 221 232346
【Opening Hours】Tue – Thu, Sun, PH: 17:00 – 24:00, Fri, Sat: 17:00 – 1:00 (Kitchen closes at 23:00)
【Official Website】https://www.beiomakleinmann.de/speisekarte.html