【Bern】The Very Best Hospitality, “Waldheim”


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Waldheim is all about the hospitality. Their decor, service and vibe are wonderful and you will never feel more welcome at any other places.

The romantic vibe Waldheim has is the perfect for the dinner with your dear and you can enjoy Swiss cuisine which is beautifully presented on the plate.

Waldheim is definitely where you would like to go when you feel like being treated special.

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About Waldheim

source of photo:http://www.waldheim-bern.ch/les-impressions/

It is located in the university district of Switzerland’s capital, Länggasse, and the building itself has been standing there since the 19th century. There used to be a forest and now only a small garden remains. But the warm vibe there has not been changed.

Waldheim is like a hidden gem and only regular guests who know the area really well frequent.

It was renovated in 2005, it became more relaxable place where you can freshen up yourself and just focus on flavorful foods and wines.

The Vibe

source of photo:http://www.waldheim-bern.ch/les-impressions/

This is like a fairy tale. The restaurant itself is surrounded by the nature and is standing like an old residence. The forest setting perfectly works.

The interior is classic. The tablecloths are immaculate, and full of fresh flowers and candles make a romantic vibe. All details are furnished with a lot of attentions and they don’t let you find any flaws.

You can also get a table in the garden outside. There is more quiet and it indulges your senses.

In addition, the friendly and well-trained waitress always pays attentions to you, and organize your lunch or dinner in a professional way.

Market Fresh Swiss Cuisine

source of photo:http://www.restaurantbern.ch/restaurant-waldheim

They only use ingredients from the selected origin according to their three principles: quality, animal welfare production and sustainability.

Meat, fish, cheese, veggies and fruits, all are locally soured and Waldheim declares organic products. This is how they keep the high label standards and let you enjoy local based Swiss cuisine.

Also wine comes from Switzerland and surrounded countries and nicely paired with flavorful dishes.

The Menu

source of photo:http://www.restaurantbern.ch/restaurant-waldheim

In the beautiful atmosphere, the dishes have to be fantastic as well. At Waldheim, you can find flower-like stunning dishes on the white plate which is not overwhelming the color of foods.

The traditional Swiss cuisine at Waldheim emphasizes on flavor and spices, and the menus change seasonally. Depending on the season, you can enjoy local dishes such as a wild boar or deer.

They have course menu and  à la carte is also available. The menu is only in Germany, hence please approach the waitress to ask explain.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Waldheimstrasse 40, 3012 Bern
【TEL】+41 31 305 24 24
【Opening Hours】Tue – Fri: 11 am – 2:30 pm, 6 pm – 11:30 pm. Sat:
【Holiday】Sundays, Mondays
【Official Website】http://www.waldheim-bern.ch/