【Chiba】10 Minutes From Narita Airport, “Kawatoyo”


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One of the 2 top biggest international airports in Japan is Narita Airport. Most of you use this when you visit Japan.

At a very near place from the airport, one you can even visit during your transit, is the historical sightseeing spot, Naritasan.

This place has a lot of Japanese restaurants and souvenir shops. And Naritasan is famous for the Unagi (eel) restaurants the most.  They have some restaurants where you can enjoy Unagi and here today, I am recommending you Kawatoyo, which is the most popular among locals.

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The Historical Appearance

source of photo:http://www.unagi-kawatoyo.com/shop/

Kawatoyo is a long standing restaurant composed of 3 floors. This is a typical Japanese wooden building and how they were assembled shows you a Japanese peculiar architecture.

The wood makes a warm ambiance and you can feel as you had traveled to the past.

From the 2nd floor, you can look down at Omote Sando (this is the street which continues to the temple, Shinshoji). During the new year season, the street will be full of people who visit Shinshoji and you will see how Japanese spend new years.

Very Fresh Unagi

source of photo:http://www.unagi-kawatoyo.com/shop/

To serve the freshest Unagi, they cut, boil, and grill it just before serving.

When you go to the front of the restaurant, you will see the open kitchen outside where craftsmen kill Unagi and prepare them for cooking. You exactly witness the evidence of the freshness. And their knife-work is what only a trained person can do, you can even call that art. Of course that they only use selected high-quality Unagi.

After being killed, the Unagi will be quickly boiled or grilled and served. That way, it retains the roasting aroma and the soft texture.

The Sauce Has a History

source of photo:http://www.unagi-kawatoyo.com/shop/

Kawatoyo has been using the same sauce since they started in 1910, and they have kept the original taste.

The longer they use it, the more the sauce has the essence of Unagi because they put Unagi into it. This is why their sauce has a very rich and a deep taste but not so strong as to bring out the taste of Unagi.

No one else can reproduce this amazingly great sauce.

Signature Menu

source of photo:http://www.unagi-kawatoyo.com/foreign/

Needless to say, the signature menu is Unaju. Unaju is served in a Japanese traditional box for meals and has rice with boiled Unagi on the top. They offer you the 3 sizes below:

TOKUJYOU-UNAJU: Extra Supreme broiled eel with rice (4,100JPY)

JO-UNAJU: Supreme broiled eel with rice (3,100JPY)

UNAJU: Broiled eel with rice (2,500JPY)

You can add more rice for an additional 150JPY.

They have beers and Sake on the menu also. So it is quite nice to have Unaju with Japanese alcohol.

Additional Information

source of photo:http://www.unagi-kawatoyo.com/shop/

Kawatoyo accepts only cash.

When you have meals at 1st floor, you will pay for them before the meal. So please order at the cash register first and get the ticket. After that the staff will take you to the table.

On the other hand, when you have meals at 2nd floor, you first take a table and have a meal. After that, please bring your slip to the cash register and pay.

At Kawatoyo, they have their unique rule. So if it confuses you, please approach the staff.

Restaurant Details

source of photo:http://www.unagi-kawatoyo.com/shop/

It takes only 10 minutes from Narita Airport to JR and Keisei Narita station, and you will reach Kawatoyo in 10 minutes by walk.

【Address】Nakacho386, Narita, Chiba, Japan, 286-0027
【Open Hours】10am to 5pm(last order)
【Regular Holiday】Mondays
【Official Website】http://www.unagi-kawatoyo.com/