【Chiba】Real Indian Style Curry Restaurant Near Makuhari, “Sitar”


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Currently a lot of events and exhibitions are being held in the Makuhari area, Chiba. But this area is not familiar with tourists yet. So I guess no one has a clear idea where they should have lunch or dinner before or after enjoying events and exhibits.

That is why here I recommend you a good restaurant in Makuhari area.

The place is called Sitar, and serves real Indian style curry. The chef is from India, which is why you can enjoy real Indian curry, not the one customized for the Japanese taste.

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Good Service during The Waiting Time

To enjoy curry here you have to wait in line more than an hour be it weekdays or weekends. This place is very famous so a lot of people come from throughout Japan.

For the people waiting, this place offers the waiting room. And while waiting, the staff offers lottery and everyone has chance to draw lots. You can win a free drink or a discount ticket which you can use that same day, even though you lose, they will give you free candies.

Real Indian Curry

Source of photo:http://www.chibacity-ta.or.jp/5beach/kemigawanohama-yachtrace#3

After the long wait, when you proceed inside, you can enjoy the Indian interior and atmosphere with nice BGM.

Lunch set here is served with 2 or 3 kind of curries and you can choose from more than 10 varieties. Their signature menu is Batter Chicken Curry, which is made from tomato sauce and spice and it is very mild. Thus kids will like it as well.

Also you can choose Nan or rice, and rice has 2 more options, Japanese rice or Basmati rice which is from India.

The spice will give you a nice flavor in your month and you will know that it is real Indian curry.

Recommended Desserts

After you finish the main dish, I would love you to have mango flavored desserts. Sitar uses Indian Alphonso mango, which is known as the King of Mango, for their dessert menu and it tastes very sweet.

So you can feel like you are having a real mango and I’m sure this will make your mouth refreshed after the strong spices.

Restaurant Details

Source of photo:http://www.e-sitar.jp/

The nearest station is Kemigawa station of Keisei Chiba Line. From here you can reach Sitar in 3 minutes walking.

You can also walk from Shinkemigawa station of JR Sobu Main Line. From here it takes about 15 minutes, so please bring Google map on your smart phone and try not to get lost.

【Address】1-106-16 1F,Kemigawa-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi 262-0023
【Open hours】Lunch:11:30~15:00, Dinner: 15:00~22:00(LO 21:00)
【Official site】http://www.e-sitar.jp/