【Colmar】The Stylish Pâtisserie in a Lovely City, “Gilg”


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Colmar is a small historical town with half-timbered houses along the canals. These are the kind of places that make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale, which means having lovely sweets are a must, aren’t they?

The pâtisserie I would recommend is Gilg, which is very modern and specialises in sweets in Alsace.

Gilg is located in the countryside but the pâtisserie itself is not beaten the ones in Paris. The stylish sweets Glig offers always impress people and have the locals lining up to get them.

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The Branch in Colmar

source of photo:http://www.patisserie-gilg.com/boutique-de-colmar/

Gilg was originally started in Munster in 1936, then it has been operating for several generations and in 2008, the branch in Colmar was opened.

While the shop in Colmar is more modern and bright, it maintains the same high standards of quality which Gilg has always had.

The Colmarian branch offers the same range of pastries, ice creams, chocolates, specialties and snacks as Munster. And the beautiful array of sweets in the showcase attracts you and you can’t resist going inside.

Now there is another branch in Ribeauvillé as well which lets you opt for either 3 pâtisseries when you visit in France.

The Secret of the High Quality

source of photo:http://www.patisserie-gilg.com/boutique-de-colmar/

What is great about Gilg is not only the artisanal looking sweets handed down over three generations.

The ingredients they use is another reason. They have been trying to use less sugar to let the flavors reveal themselves. To achieve this, high-quality ingredients which have better flavors and tastes are used in their products.

Every ingredient is chosen from the places Glig thinks is the best. The fresh cream and butter are from the dairy of Echiré, chocolates are from Mexico, Tanzania, Ecuador and fresh fruits and vegetables are from local producers.

Sourcing the best ingredients is what ensures a great product. However Gilg takes this one step further by constantly innovating and working on their recipes so their products stay relevant, and continue to adapt and suit people’s changing tastes and culinary interests.

Amazing Lineups

source of photo:http://www.patisserie-gilg.com/boutique-de-colmar/

It is really difficult to mention particular products as recommendations, because everything there is excellent.

If I did have to choose, I would choose the macaroons first, especially the salted caramel one which is what the staff recommend. The texture of the macaroons at Gilg is perfect. They have a crispy outside and a light and creamy inside. This is what only a skilled pâtissier can achieve.

My next choice is the Cube which is one of Gilg’s signature cakes. It is a chocolate-hazelnut cake. The chocolate is so rich and you will savor every bite.

My last choice is Kouglehopf which is a traditional sweet and you can not miss trying it as well.

The popular menu choices will be sold out in the morning, hence I strongly recommend you get there early so you don’t miss out.

Pâtisserie Details

【Address】60 Grand Rue, 68000 Colmar
【TEL】+33 3 89 23 96 84
【Opening Hours】Tue – Fri: 9:00 – 18:45, Sat: 9:00 – 18:00, Sun: 9:00 – 12:30
【Official Website】http://www.patisserie-gilg.com/

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