【Dubai】The Affordabole Levant Cuisine Place, “Zaroob”


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At the financial district in Dubai, you will not get into a trouble to find some places to eat, however the problem is that most of them are pricey and not so casual. They are not places we can go everyday life.

Then, where do locals go for lunch or dinner?

The answer is Zaroob. It is located on Sheikh Zayed street and families, students and couples go there as well as business men working in this busy area.

It is casual, affordable, modern, Zaroob aims different directions from other eateries around. It seems a reason of their great success.

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What is Zaroob?

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/zaroob/

Zaroob is translated to “small alley” and the concept of Zaroob is the traditional street food in the Levant region, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt.

The Levant cuisine Zaroob offers is cooked in handed down recipe through families and authentic.

Moreover, their foods are wholesome and simple cooking, that way, is also friendly to vegetarians also. This is how Zaroob spreads the Levant cuisine throughout Dubai.

Now Zaroob has 3 branches (Zaroob Sharjah, Zaroob Golden Mile and Zaroob IBN Battuta ) in Dubai as well as the one at Sheikh Zayed.

The Lively Vibe

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/zaroob/

The eatery itself is very modern with a lot of grafitti on the walls, colorful decolation, the live cooking stations and the juice bar. There are also nice music and scents which represent the traditional street feel of the Levant.

This combination of modern and traditional atmosphere creates the new Arab world and cozy place where people always come back.

Zaroob has tables inside and outside. During the cooler seasons, outside is very cozy and you can even view metro running just next to you.

The Friendly and Quick Service

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/zaroob/

Please don’t expect luxury service at Zaroob. Once again, Zaroob is casual and affordable based place.

When you get a table, you will find a menu with tick boxes. Yes, you just tick the box next to the dish you want and pass the menu to the waiter.

This is very simple and quick as long as you know the dish well.

If you don’t, it will be a bit pain, but don’t worry. The waiter will explain and recommend some good dishes to you. They are always friendly and approachable.

 The Menu You Should Know

I guess not so many people are familiar with the Levant cuisine, neither am I. So I am introducing their popular menu here.

1) the Falafel Plate

 source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/zaroob/

This is the one many people order for the starter. This is deep fried patty made of ground chickpeas and fava beans. It is served in a cute zinc jar and has tahini on side. It is also good size to bite, and kids will love it as well.

2)The Flat Man’oushe

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/zaroob/

The man’oushe is a light fluffy bread baked in wood fire oven. Zaroob offers several types of cheese to spread and Labaneh is the most recommended.

The Flat Man’oushe is topped with olives, tomato, red pepper, cucumber, a sprig of mints. You may opt for it with wither opened or folded. You can call it Levant pizza.


source of photo:http://www.zaroob.com/#img-hummus-shawarma

Hummus is a spread made of mashed chickpeas or other beans, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

Zaroob has it in 8 slightly different ways, and very creamy and has fresh flavor. It goes well with anything and is a must on the table for Levant cuisine.


source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/zaroob/

The shawarma is sliced cuts of meat rolled into a pita bread. The one at Zaroob is authentic and cooked over burning charcoal. The options of meat are chicken and beef. You may have hummus inside as well and it is fantastic.

It is tasty, however some say it is too dry. Hence to have some drinks as a company helps it to enjoy it more.


source of photo:http://www.zaroob.com/#img-hummus-shawarma

Kushari is a traditional Egyptian dish of rice and lentils topped with pasta, tomato sauce with chickpeas and crispy fried onions. This is a carb-heavy dish, but let you enjoy various taste with one plate.

The Drinks and Desserts

source of photo:http://www.zaroob.com/#img-hummus-shawarma

Zaroob has the juice bar and the beautifully colourful looking will attract you. The fresh lemon mint is highly recommended. The strong flavor of mint makes you feel freshen up.

For the dessert, Nutella Saj is recommended. The flat bread has a thick layer of Nutella and is folded and toasted. You know that the Nutella will never batray your exprx

kunafa, the Middle Easten style cheese pastry, and Fatter with honey and cream are also popular among girls.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Shop # 1, Ground Floor, Jumeirah Tower Building، along Sheikh Zayed Road,DIFC – Dubai
【TEL】+971 4 327 6262
【Opening Hours】8:00 – 5:00,
【Official Website】http://www.zaroob.com/