【Dubrovnik】The Hidden Gem in The Old Town, “Dalmatino Konoba”


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In the Old Town, Dubrovnik, there is an amazing restaurant, Dalmatino Konoba. It is hidden in the narrow streets of the Old Town, but absolutely worth to find it.

Their concept is “slow food” and they value a traditional dining. Thus they promise you a relaxed and lovely time with fresh dishes made from local products.

Today, I would like to share some information about Dalmatino Konoba which you should know before visiting.

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The Recommended Starter

source of photo:http://dalmatino-dubrovnik.com/photogallery/

If I name the top 3 starters at Dalmatino Konoba, I would say Octopus salad(75.00kn), Tuna sashimi(85.00kn) and black fish risotto(85.00kn).

Firstly, Octopus salad is a dish of Octopus mixed with capers, chopped onion and tomatoes and they are perfectly salty. Also the beautiful pink color of the octopus makes the dish lovely.

Secondly, when you see Tuna sashimi served, you can tell how fresh they are from the color of tuna and a cut end.(The sharp cut end means fresh). They serve Tuna sashimi with the soy sauce, that way you can enjoy croatia tuna in a Japanese style.

The black fish risotto is not simply risotto, it has a calamari, shrimp, octopus and mussels. The rice has a rich flavor of the broth and everything is nicely prepared beforehand.

These three are too good as starters and you will get excited for the main course which can be even gorgeous.

Main Courses

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Dalmatino.Dubrovnik/

The best main courses in my mind is Fish platter “Porporela”(318,00 kn) which is for two people. The plate has grilled John Dory fillet, shrimps, scampi and octopus.

YES, this is for greedy people who would like to try varieties of sea foods. And I say why not? Dubrovnik has a lot of fresh sea foods from Adriatic Sea, so should complete all good stuff here!

Fish platter is perfectly cooked and really fresh. It is a good portion and you won’t be disappointed.

If you are a meat eater, “Rib-eye“ steak(158,00 kn) is highly recommended. 21 day wet aged steak is just gorgeous and once you put into your mouth, it will be instantly gone while leaving a high flavor in your mouth.

Excellent Wines from the Cellar

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Dalmatino.Dubrovnik/

When you enter Dalmatino Konoba, you will see a lot of wine put on the wall back in the restaurant. Dalmatino Konoba owns their wine cellar and offer you a selection of Croatia’s, Istria’s and Slavonia’s wines.

They are a bit expensive but worthy. Especially, the combination of the fish and the white wine can beat everything. There are a lot of options for wines, if you can not decide one, the staff will be happy to help you.

Attentive Serves

source of photo:http://dalmatino-dubrovnik.com/photos/gallery/konoba-dalmatino/

The staff at Dalmatino Konoba has great knowledge of the entire menu. Hence they always recommend you the best menu for your request.

And when you use the bathroom, you will notice there is a mouth wash and paper cup. I guess these are for people who had black fish risotto. How perfectly prepared it is! Thanks to this, you don’t have be worried that a squid ink will spoil your nice smile.

The Reservation should be Made

source of photo:http://dalmatino-dubrovnik.com/photos/gallery/konoba-dalmatino/

If you would like to get a table without any waiting time, please make a reservation in advance. Especially at dinner time, there will be some people already waiting.

However, when there is a waiting line and it will make you wait for a long time, the staff will kindly advice you about how many minutes the table will be ready. Therefore, you can take a walk or have some drinks in old town during that time. The staff at Dalmatino Konoba never lets you waste your time.

And once you come back, they are waiting for you with a nicely set up table.

Restaurant Details

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Dalmatino.Dubrovnik/

【Address】Ul. Miha Pracata 6, 20000, Dubrovnik
【TEL】+385 (0)20 323 070
【Open Hours】11:00-23:00
【Official Website】http://dalmatino-dubrovnik.com/