【Frankfurt】The Traditional Pub Locals Gather, “Apfelwein Solzer”


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Frankfurt, while being a modern and metropolitan city with its amount of skyscrapers, it does not pale in terms of its historical values as well.

When you would like to experience that part of Frankfurt, I would recommend for you to visit Bergerstrasse which has a lot of pubs and restaurants where the locals would flock to.

There is a particular restaurant that I would recommend which is named Apfelwein Solzer. There, you may find authentic German cuisine surrounded by Frankfurters.

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source of photo:http://www.solzer-frankfurt.de/galerie.htm

Apfelwein Solzer is one of the oldest apple-wine taverns in Frankfurt’s Bornheim.

The tavern itself was built in the 16th century, and in 1893, the Solzer family purchased the premises and started a restaurant.

The current name “Apfelwein Solzer” was given by the proprietor in 1969 and now has been operated by the fifth generation of the Solzer family.

Apfelwein Solzer produces the apple-wine themselves with a traditional recipe which is handed down through generations.

This history of more than 400 years old makes the Apfelwein Solzer something special and authentic.

The Vibes

source of photo:http://www.solzer-frankfurt.de/galerie.htm

Apfelwein Solzer is a very cosy place where local people gather to have a fun time and on Saturday nights, it transforms into a Sports Bar showing local football games.

Occasionally, you may share a table with other customers, and enjoy drinking with people you barely knew. Apfelwein Solzer has an ambience that allows people to do so.

The environment is often lively and joyous where friendly staffs are always there to welcome you.

The Menu

source of photo:http://www.solzer-frankfurt.de/galerie.htm

The foods that they serve are made with local produce and cooked to order which makes you feel at home.

The marinated cheese, green sauce consisted of herbs and eggs, mackerel, schnitzel, they offer you the variety of traditional German cuisines.

Last but the least, the apple wine is a must-have. Good wines and beers by the tap are also available.

And so, pretty much everything on the menu is very affordable and tasty. Having many local customers is the evidence of that.

Additional Tips

1)There are not many available parking for vehicles, hence using the public transport will be a better option. You may choose from below or having a taxi get you there.

  • Subway: Line U4 ti Bornheim-Mitte
  • Streetcar: No.12 to Saalbutgstrabe
  • Bus: No.38 to Saalbutgstrabe, then 400m northeast up the Berger Strabe towards Alt-Bornheim

2)I would also recommend making a reservation especially on weekends because sometimes, you may not get a table without one.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Berger Str. 260, 60385 Frankfurt am Main
【TEL】+49 69 452171
【Opening Hours】
Summer (Apr to Oct) Mon – Fri:16:00 – 00:00, Sat:15:00 – 00:00, Sun:12:30 – 22:00
Winter (Nov to Apt) Mon – Fri:17:00 – 00:00, Sat:15:00 – 00:00, Sun:12:30 – 22:00
【Official Website】http://www.solzer-frankfurt.de/engl/