【San Francisco】You Will Lose Your Words, The Very Best Steak, “House of Prime Rib”


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Today, what I recommend is the restaurant which everyone dreams to go at least once in San Francisco. The name of restaurant is House of Prime Rib, and this is absolutely the high class place.

They offer you Prime Rib in English style and use only the top 2% of all beef in the markets.  It is so juicy and has a really rich taste which the beef originally has.

Now I can see you are already excited!!

Let’s prepare for the special dinner at  House of Prime Rib with following details below!

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Choice of Your Meal

source of photo:http://www.houseofprimerib.net/

The order at  House of Prime Rib is quite simple. You just choose the size, how to cook and side dishes.

Your options for the Prime Rib as below;

  • The City Cut($37.45) : This is a smallest one and seems enough portion for ladies.
  • House of Prime Rib Cut( $39.85) : Medium size and a hearty portion. More juicy and tender beef.
  • The English Cut($39.85) : The thinner slice one. You can feel better flavor.
  • King Henry VIII Cut ($42.85): This is King size and very thick!! A must for a meat lover.
  • Children’s Prime Rib Dinner($11.45): Only for under 8. It is served with milk and ice cream.

I understand everyone will be greedy for this Prime Rib, but please consider the size after reading following parts.

(They also offer Fresh fish for vegetarians. The price and menu are vary by day. So please ask the staff )

Good Companies of the Prime Rib

Before the Prime Rib , some breads and The Salad Bowl are served beforehand. And Mashed Potatoes and Baked Potato will follow them

The Salad will be tossed and dished at your table. The mix of fresh veggies and the house dressing is really good.

The decision between Mashed Potatoes  and Baked Potato is a bit difficult, however I recommend you the baked one. The combination of the sour cream and crispy bacon can not go wrong.

They are really nice side dishes, but please save the room of your stomach. If not, you will regret!!

The Turn of the Prime Rib

source of photo:http://www.houseofprimerib.net/

After enjoying some starter, finally the time for the Prime Rib will come!!

The Prime Rib is brought nicely sitting on the stainless steel serving carts and carved at your table. The Prime Rib looks so gorgeous and you can not even stop staring that.

Creamed Spinach and Yorkshire Pudding are offered on the same plate as the Prime Rib. Yorkshire Pudding is very light batter from England. If you soak it into beef juice, the flavor of butter and juice will be mixed and get more rich taste.

For the Prime Rib, House of Prime Rib has the Fresh Cream of Horseradish Sauce. You may opt from mild, medium and hot. It adds a little bit hot and biting taste. And you may always have another slice of the Prime Rib.

This is the all for your course. Yes, quite a lot. Hence the point to enjoy the meal here is to take perfect balance between side dishes and the Prim Rib.

But don’t worry. You are allowed to bring your left over back home. So do not stuff the foods into your stomach too much.

Do not forget to Make a Reservation

source of photo:http://www.houseofprimerib.net/

House of Prime Rib is the popular place, hence please do not forget to make a reservation in advance. Here I don’t mean a reservation just 2 or 3 days before. Correctly about 2 weeks ago. If so, you will get a table at your prefer time.

However, even if you have a reservation, sometimes you have to wait. Don’t get irritated. They have a nice bar inside and you can wait their with having drinks.

How should I Prepare?

source of photo:http://www.houseofprimerib.net/

When you go to good restaurants, one worry in your mind is the price, I guess. It depends on how much you drink, But in average, $50-70 per person is reasonable at House of Prime Rib.

It is a luxury and pricey place. So should you dress up and go with a perfect table manner?

Not exactly. Once you will go to the inside, you will know. The ambiance there is very casual and staffs are friendly.

So don’t get prepared too much, you can always relax and feel comfortable in their cozy atmosphere.

Restaurant Details

source of photo:http://www.houseofprimerib.net/

This is only 5 minutes away from Union Square by taxi.

Also, you can reach there by bus(No.27, 7) or the cable car.

【Address】1906 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94109
【TEL】+1 415-885-4605
【Open Hours】Mon-Thu:17:30-22:00, Fri:17:00-22:00, Sat,Sun:16:00-22:00
【Official Website】http://www.houseofprimerib.net/