【Kagawa】Great taste! Great Service! The Udon Noodle Place Loved by Locals,”Hariya”


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Kagawa prefecture is famous in Japan for the Udon noodles. There are more than 6 hundred Udon places in this small prefecture.

In this Udon noodle Mecca, one of the top three Udon places is Hariya, which is specially popular and famous among locals.

In this store, there are only about 15 counter seats and both inside and outside, you will find more than 20 local people making a long line.

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Signature Menu

The signature menu here is ”Kashiwa Udon”. Kashiwa means chicken tempura and Kashiwa Udon is the set of 5 pieces of chicken tempura and Udon noodle washed with cold water after being boiled.

It is very normal in Japan to wash noodles after boiling them to cool them. This is how we enjoy noodles in summer.

The noodle soup here is based on bonito stock and has a very sweet taste. Udon noodle is very chewy and I am sure that you will notice the difference of Udon noodle between Kagawa and that of another prefecture.

Of course that Kashiwa Undon is the most famous menu but Curry Udon is also very popular and makes people repeaters.

Great Hospitality

In addition, what I really like in Hariya is the owner’s personality. He is very friendly and you can have good conversations with him like old friends would. I think this is what you expect in the country side of Japan. People are so friendly and you will definetly feel the Japanese hospitality.

Since Hariya serves great Udon noodles as well as having great hospitality, if you have no idea which Udon place you should visit first, Hariya should be your first option.


You can also buy their Udon noodle as souvenirs at the Takamatsu airport. If you would like to bring back their great taste home, this is a MUST buy.

Restaurant Details

This place is far from both Takamatsu Airport and Takamatsu Station. So it is easiest to take a taxi.

【Address】587-174 Goto-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa
【Open hours】11:00~14:00 (They close earlier if they sell out)