【Budapest】Simple and Authentic, “Kék Rózsa Étterem”


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In the meddle of tourist spot in Budapst, very close to Synagogue, there is a restaurant named Kék Rózsa Étterem. Kék Rózsa means the blue rose in Hungarian. To be honest, it is not as gorgeous as the blue rose, but is somewhere remains in your memory as the blue rose does.

It offers you traditional Hungarian cuisine and international ones. They describe themselves as one of the cheapest restaurants in the city and it is definitely true.

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Place is Very Simple

source of photo:http://www.kekrozsaetterem.hu/en/index.htm

Kék Rózsa Étterem is very simple and have a minimum decor just to make it organized and cozy.

It can be said that Kék Rózsa Étterem put itself on the same field as other luxury restaurants, armed only with their foods. And I say they are on the winning side, their foods are not beaten by restaurant armed with both foods and fabulous decor.

As proving it, in lunch time a lot of men in suits working in business district around come to seek tasty and affordable lunch. Kék Rózsa Étterem is where everyone feel free to go alone, and it is what should be called a true local place, isn’t it?

The menu

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/kekrozsaetterem/

They have several courses such as Hungarian menu, Budapest menu, Budapest menu as well as à la carte. They allow you have your dishes with half portions so that you do not have to pack yourself to finish your course.

A must try is Goulash soup. Most of restaurants in the city serve this but the one at Kék Rózsa Étterem is authentic. It is really tasty and like made by mom at home.

Goose liver is also their signature menu and comes with a good portion. It cooked perfectly and juicy.


source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/kekrozsaetterem/

If you still have room after entree, please check the desserts.

They have Somló ( Hungarian Sponge-cake), crepe, pancake and parfait on the menu.

A mountain of with whipped cream, a flood of chocolate sauce can be a bit heavy but Hungarian style dessert can not be missed as the end of meals there.

Additional bonus

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/kekrozsaetterem/

1)If there no table when you stop by or you don’t have enough time to sit and have meal, you can take away everything from the menu and they kindly pack food for you. It is also quite nice to enjoy traditional cuisine looking down Danube river flowing nearby.

2)It composes of 3 rooms and one of the rooms is  for reserved non-smokers.

3)Hungary general meal-tickets are accepted there. And they offer you a discount ticket for your next trip.

Restaurant Details

source of photo:http://www.kekrozsaetterem.hu/en/index.htm

【Address】Budapest, Wesselényi u. 9, 1077
【Opening Hours】11:00 – 22:00
【TEL】+36 1 342 8981
【Official Website】http://www.kekrozsaetterem.hu/