【Barcelona】Great and Affordable Paella, “Les Quinze Nits”


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When you visit Spain, paella is a must, isn’t it? But when you see the menu, you will realize that price is not that affordable.

So now I recommend Les Quinze Nits those who would like to have the traditional Spanish cuisine at the reasonable price.

It is a chain restaurant in Spain and Les Quinze Nits is the most popular branch in Barcelona. The long waiting line prove it.

Let’s see what makes it popular.

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Nice Location and Atmosphere

source of phote:http://www.grupandilana.com/es/restaurantes/les-quinze-nits-restaurant

Les Quinze Nits is located in the Placa Reial, very heart of Barcelona. Most of famous sightseeing spots such as Las Ramblas, aPlaca Sant Jaum, are within 10 minutes by walk.

From the outside, Les Quinze Nits looks expensive place, even more considering its great location.

Tables are nicely set, and inside and out side are available. You can view the historical buildings, architectures. This is definitely what we call luxury.

But don’t skip it due to the miss judge. They offer you various great foods at reasonable price and you can barely find this kind of pocket-friendly restaurant in Barcelona.

Recommended Menu

source of phote:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Quinze-Nits/169882389719419

A must try here is of course paella. They offer you a normal seafood one and black ink one.(Arroz negro con sepia en su tinta) . Both are great, however, the latter is more recommended.

It takes about 20 minutes until it get ready from the order. The all black rice is brought in a pot and they only have some squids as toppings on the top. It looks very simple.

However, every piece of rice have the flavor of squid ink and tomatoes, and the taste is really rich.

The paella is served with alioli sauce, which is Mayo with garlic. It makes paella mild and never let you bored until your last bite.

Before the Paella

source of phote:http://www.grupandilana.com/es/restaurantes/les-quinze-nits-restaurant

Paella needs some time to be ready, so please enjoy the wide selections of starters there. From Tapas, Baby Octopuses, croquettes are recommended.

They also have delicious salads and pastas too. Hence it is better to go with a large group and share more menus.

And what you should not forget is Sangria! It is beautiful and so delicious. You can not complete your dinner without it.

Additional Information

source of phote:http://www.grupandilana.com/es/restaurantes/les-quinze-nits-restaurant

Les Quinze Nits does’t take booking. So please go and wait when there is a line. It is better to go earlier especially for dinner because the later, the more locals come.

The location is right at the tourist place. So when you have the table outside, please watch out the pick-pocket. And do not leave your wallet or phone on the table.

Les Quinze Nits is nice place to stop by. However if you prefer high class restaurant, you will find better one for you. Les Quinze Nits is a place who look for moderate quality for pocket-friendly price.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Plaza Real, 6 Barcelona
【TEL】+ 34 933 173 075
【Opening Hours】12:30 – 23:30
【Official Website】http://www.grupandilana.com/es/restaurantes/les-quinze-nits-restaurant