【London】The Oldest, Cheapest, Greatest Bagel, “Beigel Bake”


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Do you know that there is the best and oldest bagel store in London’s Brick Lane? If you don’t know that, you have to keep the name, Beigel Bake, in your mind until your nest visit to London.

Beigel Bake started in 1974 and open 24/7 (very rare in London). That way, you can drop by anytime you like, and the short brake here can be both a good start of a day and a relaxing end of a day.

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Bagel at This Place Only

souse of photp:https://twitter.com/BeigelBake/media

Beigel Bake produce 7,000 bagels a day. From this big number, please never expect simply the bagel is like the one in supermarkets or from manufacturers.

They boil every each bagel before baking. This is why the bagel has sheen on its surface. Needless to say, the taste is amazing, it has some moisture, is very chewy and slightly sweet.

Even better, they serve bagels soon after being baked. The warm one has more good flavor and you can even enjoy the smell of flour.

You will see locals buy a full bag of bagels and can easily imagine that the great bagels are essential parts of their dinning tables.

A Salt Beef Sandwich

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The signature menu here is salt beef sandwich(£3.70). A salt marinated beef is boiled to tender and sanded into warm bagels. You will be asked if you need mustard and pickles or not. Please go for both without thinking twice. Extra mustard is even better.

A cut salt beef is too huge and thick to be filled in a bagel and makes you wondering where to start. Just give it a big bite and savor the match of salty beef, a bit spicy mustard and a fresh bagel.

You will be make sure this place is the best begle store.

Other Recommendations

souse of photo:http://www.beigelbake.com/gallery/

A Beef of a Salt Beef Sandwich is so meat and some of you might feel it has too strong smell. If you feel so, please give it a try to a salmon and cream cheese sandwich(£1.80) or chopped herring sandwich(£1.00).

Everyone knows that the combination of salmon and cream cheese can go wrong, right? The sandwich of these is of course delicious.

And about herring sandwich, this is a bit sour and you will get addicted to this. This is also the local taste of London. So absolutely worth to try as a new experience if you art not familiar with a herring.

Don’t Forget to Get Pastries

As well as the bagels, Beigel Bake serves Danish rolls, apple strudel, Eccles cakes and cheesecake…etc. They all are really cheap and not so big that you can have after a bagel.

What I recommend is cheesecake(£0.70). The one here is crumbly but not so sweet and rich. Please treat yourself with a cup of coffee or tea. It will be peaceful moment in a busy city, London.

Store Details

souse of photo:https://www.facebook.com/beigelbake/

【Address】 159 Brick Ln, London E1 6SB
【TEL】+44 20 7729 0616
【Open Hours】24hours open
【Official Website】http://www.beigelbake.com/