【Madrid】Reasonable Spanish Cuisine, “Sagasta 28”


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In Madrid, there is a nice restaurant I would like to recommend. The restaurant is Sagasta 28, which is located on the street of the same name, Sagasta 28. The foods, the service, the atmosphere, everything is first class there and you can have a lovely time.

I am sure that Sagasta 28 gives you one of the best experience in Madrid and you will love the high quality of their Spanish foods.

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Custamised for the Guest

source of photo:https://sagasta28bistro.com/restaurante/

Sagasta 28 opened his door in 2010 and it is still new. But after they opened, they repeated some reforms and menu renewal to make their guest happier. The owners always care about its guest and offer the best.

You can see that from the menu as well as dishes, there are picture of allergic ingredients which are included in the dishes. That helps people enjoy their meal with safety.

Moreover, each plate has a wine recommendation which is good to have with. Needless to say, they have English menu as well.

Like this, some information you need is already set at Sagasta 28 and you do not have to call stuff for that.

A Must There

source of photo:https://sagasta28bistro.com/restaurante/

At Sagasta 28, ham and cheese are must. You can have the best quality of them at reasonable prices. Cheese are from throughout Europe not only Spain, and most people order cheese board which is amazing. So don’t miss it.

For the main, a hamburger is recommended. The veal is very thick and sauce is so tasty. It will definitely fill you.

Croquette is another menu should not be missed.


source of photo:https://sagasta28bistro.com/restaurante/

Sagasta 28 is also recommended for breakfast. If you would like to have a big breakfast, this is where you go.

They have English or French breakfast as well as Spanish one. The coffee they serve is also great.

This place promise you a nice and relaxing start of a day.

If you do not have enough time, you are allowed to take away sandwiches, which are filled with ham, cheese, tomatoes and so tasty.

The Lovely Stuff

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Sagasta28bistro/

The stuff there is so friendly and helpful. Most of them speak excellent English and give you advise about your dishes and wines. All stuff there create inviting atmosphere and  service is also quick.

Sometimes, even chef come out and advise you some recommendations. Or you can enjoy some casual conversation with them.

When you visit Sagasta 28, you will know that good restaurant are born from good stuff not only from foods.

Restaurant Details

source of photo:https://sagasta28bistro.com/restaurante/

【Address】Sagasta, 28, 28004 Madrid
【Opening Hours】Mon – Wed:8:00 – 0:00, Thu – Fri:8:00 – 01:00, Sat:13:30 – 2:00, Sun:12:30 – 5:00, 20:00 – o 0.00
【Official Website】https://sagasta28bistro.com/