【Naples】The Best Pizzeria in Naples, “Sorbillo”


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Sorbillo is considered the best pizzeria in Naples. There are a lot of locals and tourists alike and even tourists are repeaters.

Guess what it means. They can not forget the taste at Sorbillo. This is why tourists don’t end up with one time visiting and come back from all the way from the other side of the world.

Then what is about Sorbillo attracts so many people? Let’s try to figure it our together.

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About Sorbillo

source of photo:http://www.sorbillo.it/it/#menu-item-461

Sorbillo is located in Via Tribunali where popular and famous pizzerias gather. They all serve great pizzas and Sorbillo has been a star among them.

Sorbillo is owned by Gino Sorbillo, the third generation of the pizzaioli family. He has 20 siblings and all of them became pizzaioli. The pizza at Sorbillo were named after each of them.

He grew up surrounded with pizza, hence it is very natural that he has a great knowledge of pizza and  huge love for it.

Now Gino Sorbillo has garnered a long list of awards and his name has spread nationwide. The new location has just opened in New York and his challenge will never stop.

Pizza at Sorbillo

source of photo:http://www.sorbillo.it/it/

A pizza at Sorbillo is thinner compared with others in Naples. However the dough is chewy and soft at the same time. The top of the crust is slightly blackened and the smell whets your appetite.

This perfection comes from the ingredients and how they make. They use the organic flour and a hand knead dough with appropriate water is baked only for a few minutes in the wood-fired oven. The rich experience Sorbillo has is alive under all those process.

While the pizzerias in Naples don’t serve many types of pizza, Sorbillo offers wide options such as Marinara, Pesto, Sicilian and Vegetarian…etc.

Sorbillo also chaneges menu every three months. He picks up ingredients and make new combinations. This is how new menu is born and only his talent let this succeed.


source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gino-Sorbillo-Pizzeria-Lievito-Madre-Sul-Lungomare/497793450292064

If you are dubious what you get, go for Margherita. Which is simple pizza with the tomato sauce, buffalo mozeralla and basil.

The buffalo mozeralla is so rich, and the tang of the sauce and the dough are perfectly balanced.

The more simple a pizza is, the more you can judge the skill of pizzaioli. Hence I strongly recommend you to have Margherita for your first visit at Sorbillo.

No Reservation

source of photo:http://www.sorbillo.it/it/#menu-item-176

Sorbillo doesn’t take any reservations. Hence to get the amazing pizza there, you can not avoid queuing.

When you reach there, you give your name to the waiter first. Once your table is ready, the waiter call your name on the loudspeaker.

The surrounding is nosy and packed with so many people waiting. In addition, the sound from the loudspeaker gets distorted. You can easily miss it unless you are carefully.

It seems almost impossible to get the table without any wait, because there are already people who waiting before their open. Hence if you don’t want to wait, I recommend you to take away.

Now I hope you understand why Sorbillo attracts so many attentions from all over the world. It is definitely the best pizzeria in Naples, and worth even making one day trip just for tasting their great pizza.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Via dei Tribunali, 32, 80138 Napoli
【TEL】+39 081 446643
【Opening Hours】Mon – Sat: 12 pm – 3:30 pm, 7 pm – 0:00 am
【Official Website】http://sorbillo.it