【Osaka】High Quality Steak at Less Than 1000JPY in Umeda Area, “Honmiyake”


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If you are looking for any places to fill your stomach around Umeda area, I would love to recommend ”Honmiyake”.

This place is worth trying!

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Signature Menu

The signature menu here is Steak-don(930JPY). This is the bowl with rare cooked steak sitting on the rice. Steak is flavored with sweet sauce. However, do not panic, under the steak a surprise awaits, you will find sufficient sauce mixed with rice.

The steak here is really soft and you will be surprised that this high quality beef is served at such a cheap price.

Also you can order a large size one for free.

Steak-don is served with miso soup, salad and Japanese pickles. So you can enjoy Japanese Teisyoku style at the same time.

The Best Time to Go

Honmiyake always has a long waiting line. If you go there during lunch time you will see that more than 20 people are standing in the line. This long line continues till around 4pm.

Thus if you go at 4-5pm, you don’t have to wait to get a seat.

After 5pm, people who try to have dinner will come and make a line again. So please go before 5pm.

Quick Service

Honmiyake is an “eat and go” place more than one to relax or enjoy conversations while having meal. So the turnover is really quick and most of customers come here alone.

Also the menu you order is brought to you in approximately 5 minutes.

Store is Small and Hard to Find

Honmiyake is in the restaurant area in the basement 2 of Hankyu-Sanbangai. This area is directly connected with Hankyu-Umeda station.

But they have more than 50 restaurants and shops, so you can easily get lost. Please get a map from near information center or ask them the easiest way to get to Honmiyake.


Honmiyake accepts cash only, no credit cards. Hence please do not forget to bring cash with you.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Hankyu-Sanbangai, 1-1-3 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu
【Open hours】11:00~22:00