【Copenhagen】Fresh Seafood Restaurant, “Oysters & Grill”


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You love seafood? Then you will love Oysters & Grill in Copenhagen. It is located in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen and, as the name tell you, is all about fresh grilled seafood.

Oysters & Grill is part of Cofoco, Copenhagen Food Consulting which is known for its quality food and very reasonable prices. This is a hidden gem and you will see a lot of locals.

This is the perfect place for dinner with wine and champagne after work or the tiring sightseeing to refresh.

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Relaxing and Cozy Place

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Oysters-Grill-153527651380223/

At Oysters & Grill, you can relax and enjoy the meal itself, no dress code, strict table manner. This is the place you can be a little bit mess and allow you to focus on EATING!

Oysters & Grill describe itself as the combination of a restaurant in Mallorca, a French bistro, a Bollywood film’s soundtrack, a harbour town on Gran Canaria, East Berlin and a charter holiday to the Costa Brava.

Grafitti on the walls outside, white walls  inside, colorful and floral table cloths, exposed brick…Everything creates the atmosphere of mixed culture and makes this place laid back.


source of photo:http://cofoco.dk/en/restaurants/oysters-and-grill/

Oysters & Grill offers you wide range of seafood, several kinds of oysters, lobster, mussels, Soft Shell Crabs, Tigerprawns… There are 2 options of deep fried or cooked a la plancha as well.

You can not go wrong whatever you choose. They all are very fresh and the portion is generous.

If you would like to try more variety of seafood, Fruits of the sea, which has shrimps, oysters, veggie, soft shell crab…, is recommended.

The dips and sauce there are also good so please don’t forget to dip your bread into it, which is fabulous!

Additional Information

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/Oysters-Grill-153527651380223/

Firstly, Oysters & Grill has meat menu for the main also, but it is limited(Only Rib-eye, Tatar). They are juicy and tender. But if you are meat lover, you can not satisfied enough.

Secondly, sometimes this place get busy. Hence if you do not want to wait, reservation is recommended. And the tables are close to each other, that way you might feel packed and can get hot.

Last of all, please do not go with your favorite clothes, your foods can spoil that. The stuff provide you with a moist towel but it is better to go with casual wear.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Sjællandsgade 1B 2200 København N
【TEL】+45 70 20 61 71
【Open Hours】Mon – Thu:17:30 – 21:30, Fri – Sat:17:30 – 22:00, Sun:17:30 – 21:15
【Official Website】http://cofoco.dk/en/restaurants/oysters-and-grill/