【New York】The King of Steak, “Peter Luger Steakhouse”


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Do you know that there is a steakhouse which often said to be the best in the United States?

It is the destination every New Yorker knows, Peter Luger Steakhouse, and which is Michelin-Stared restaurant.

To be honest, it is too famous to introduce again here because I guess most of people already know its great fame. So here to let you step further, let’s check their secrets of popularity and the points to enjoy Peter Luger 100%.

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Only Selected Beef is Used

source of photo:https://peterluger.com/panorama/dry-aged-tour.html

Peter Luger serves only USDA prime beef, which often represents less than 2% of graded beef cattle. This already select cattle is then scrutinized for conformation, color, age, marbling, and texture. It took 2 years for the owner family to get knowledge and skills to choose the very best beef like it.

Their efforts for the beef continuing, after they select the short loins and shells, they are brought to the dry aging process.

They are taken cared under perfect temperature, humidity and air circulation, then properly aged the short loins are brought to the kitchen and prepared for your plate.

This whole process has never changed and they always offer same quality of beef.

The Vibes

source of photo:https://peterluger.com/photo-gallery/

What you see first when you enter the restaurant is the bar counter which has a long line with people waiting for their table. Yes, this place is always packed with people who are starving for the steak.

The decor is quite simple, there are casual tables which even don’t a tablecloth in wood-paneled space. Which is like saying “Please, focus on only the steak”.

Some waiters are friendly, others are not that much. However, that not the greatest service and old school vibe makes Peter Luger something genuine.

Recommended Appetizer

source of photo:https://haveagood.holiday/plans/25940

For the appetizer, there are some menus you should order.

First, a big basket of assorted breads are served for free, which are amazing. Dipping into their original sauce or meat juice makes it even better.

Moving on appetizer, Peter Luger is famous for their Sliced Tomatoes & Onions and Bacon.

To eat raw slices of onions seems wired first, but their steak sauce makes it delicious dish. And the extra thick bacon is so juicy and worth trying.

Burger is Another Greatest Menu

source of photo:http:https://peterluger.com/photo-gallery/

Before proceeding to the steak, let’s check the burger.The burger is lunch menu and served until 15:45

It is simple burger only with a row slice of onions inside. So I recommend you to have additional cheese in it. Or bacon is also available to add.

Usually burger has sauce in it, but please try without any mustard or ketchup first. And enjoy the taste of beef itself.

It is not an aged beef but the flavor is condensed and you will get a strong kicks. It is paragon of a burger at steakhouse not at burger shop.

USDA Prime Beef

source of photo:https://peterluger.com/photo-gallery/

You may opt for steak for 1,2,3 or 4 and of course the portion is huge, American size.

Their steak is melt in your mouth and just amazing. Their homemade steak sauce is amazingly go well with the steak and even only a bite tell you that it is the best steak in the nation.

For the side, you have options of French Fried Potatoes, Creamed Spinach, Onion Rings, Fresh Broccoli, Luger’s Special German Fried Potatoes and Baked Oversized Potato with Sour Cream. A must is Creamed Spinach and most patrons get this.

If you can not finish your steak, the waiter put into your leftover into the bag to go.

The Dessert

source of photo:http://www.pureko.tv/newyork-steak-peterluger/

No matter how full you are, the sundae should not be missed.

It has a pile of the schlag on the top, which is homemade whipped cream and seems too much after the steak. However, it is totally different from the butter cream which usually is used for American desserts. Schlag is light and not too sweet, definitely to die for.

If you don’t have enough room for sundae, other smaller dessert menus also have schlag with it. This amazing cream refresh all gravy in your mouth and you can not finish your meal without having it.

Additional Tips

source of photo:https://peterluger.com/photo-gallery/

Needless to say, a reservation is a must and they take it only via call not online.

And what you should know is they usually don’t answer because the line is too busy. But don’t give up and call again and again. After finally you are answered, the voice from the phone may not sounds happy, but think it as a first important step to the great steak.

They don’t accept credit card. Hence please don’t forget to bring cash with you.

There are some inconveniences at Peter Luger and it might make you suspicious if they are trying to catch up with people’s need or not.

But in my opinion, they don’t need to do it. They simply have been true to its roots and why not we call it anthentic?

Restaurant Details

【Official Website】https://peterluger.com/


【Address】178 Broadway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211
【Opening Hours】Mon – Thu: 11:45 – 21:45, Fri & Sat: 11:45 – 22:45, Sun: 12:45 – 21:45



【Address】255 Northern Blvd. Great Neck, N.Y. 11021
【Opening Hours】Mon – Thu: 11:45 – 21:45, Fri & Sat: 11:45 – 21:45, Sun: 12:45 – 21:45