【Rome】The Pizzeria with a Local Vibe, “La Montecarlo”


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When people visit Rome, everyone seeks the BEST pizza in the town. But the ones google suggests you have a long waiting line and sometimes you end up finding it out a tourist trap.

Now I recommend you one of the best pizzerias in Rome, La Montecarlo, with an acceptable waiting time, an affordable price, a casual atmosphere and of course many locals.

It is located near Piazza Navona and you can easily stop by between a busy sightseeing.

La Montecarlo seems to meet all our requests and be a good choice in total.

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The Ambience

source of photo:http://www.lamontecarlo.it/it/2012-07-06-13-22-40/foto-la-montecarlo.html

La Montecarlo is a very local place. No fancy there.

The space is elbow to elbow, plastic chairs and tables, paper tablecloths and aluminum plates. This not-over-decorated place shows you the real life in Rome.

At La Montecarlo, there are always friendly staffs who welcome you with a little bit of humor and the service is quick. Sometimes they try to clean up your table too soon when you are still relaxing. Hence some of you might feel offended.

However, to offer great foods at an affordable price, the turn over is quite important. That way, please let yourself enjoy the Roman local vibes that people come and go, and the waiters work very quickly and a bit noisy.

The Pizza

source of photo:http://akizuki.peko.to/ryoko/2009-itary4.html

The pizza in Rome is very thin and crispy, and La Montecarlo makes their pizza in the traditional style.

The crusts charred around the edges tell you it is baked in wood-burning oven and the nice smell seduce you.

If it is your first time at La Montecarlo, Margherita is recommended, which is the most simple and lets you judge the pizzatolia. Thin layer of cheese and tomato sauce never spoil the crispy texture of crust and the original flavor.

If you would like to have more toppings, Capricciosa will be a good choice. It has ham, mushrooms, artichokes and an egg.


source of photo:http://www.mylifeinsin.com/2013/08/la-montecarlo-pizza-and-pasta-in-rome.html

La Montecarlo offers some Italian appetizers and pasts as well.

The crocchette and bruschetta are popular dishes. Bruschetta accompanied with beans, mushrooms and olives looks lovely. The adequate olive oil, salt and garlic taste are perfectly balanced.

For the main, local seems prefer pasta over pizza and Carbonara seems the reason of it. The Carbonara is cheesy and the potion is huge. Carbonara is very simple and is difficult to tell the difference with the one in other places. However, that the local frequently order is the strongest evidence of that is real.

Restaurant Details

【Address】Vicolo Savelli, 13, 00130 Roma
【TEL】+39 06 686 1877
【Opening Hours】11:00 – 1:00
【Official Website】http://www.lamontecarlo.it/