【Singapore】The Hottest and Modernized Hawker Centre, “Timbre+”


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In Singapore, most local people usually eat at Hawker centres, open-air complexes for people to eat at a cheap price. A Hawker centre main characteristic is that it offers a wide variety of traditional and local foods from different countries like Singapore, India, Malaysia in one place.

A lot of guidebooks have Hawker centres as a recommendation, which is why you will find the most famous Hawker centres full of tourists.

And today, I would like to recommend a Hawker centre to you, Timbre+, which is known only by locals.

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A Clean and Nice Atmosphere

Source of photo:www.facebook.com/timbreplus

Timbre+ opened his doors in April, 2016, so it is a fairly new Hawker centre. It has been built using food trucks transformed from Airstream travel trailers as well as normal stalls.

Usually, Hawker centres are not well organized or clean, even for the locals. So much that even expats in Singapore rarely go.

However, Timbre+ is totally different from the rest of Hawker centres. There are a number of graffiti and spray paint splashed all over the shipping containers. This helps to create a vintage atmosphere and makes you feel like you are in an old American movie from the 1950s.

Moreover, some stalls have their space to eat as well as free table areas. Therefore, they keep that area clean and you can rest easy from the hygienic aspect compared to the rest of Hawker.

Even More Food Options

Source of photo:www.facebook.com/timbreplus

Normal Hawker centre only have asian foods, however, Timbre+ has been modernized and westernized and has 21 stalls and 14 restaurant brands.

You can have Spanish tapas, lobster rolls, pizza, lasagna, French food…and a lot more. It’s like you can taste the world in a single place!

What’s even better, going as a group will allow you to share and enjoy the diversity of food even more.

Music Creates Great Vibes

Source of photo:http://timbreplus.sg/music/

There is a big stage in the middle of the Hawker and, every night, you can enjoy the live performance of local bands.

This adds a lively atmosphere and turns Timbre+ in a fancy club. The live performances happens between 19:00 to 23:00, it depends a lot on the day. You can check the schedule and the bands performing on their website below.

However, music can be too loud sometimes, so if you are not a big fan of live music, you should try to find seats away from the stage and the artists.

【Official website】http://timbreplus.sg/music/

Get Drinks at Bottle Shop

Source of photo:www.facebook.com/timbreplus

Timbre+ has a great beverage store called Bottle Shop in their area and it has around 200 different types of drinks from all around the world.

They have a wide range of drinks like beers, ciders, whisky, wine…their huge refrigerator will never bore drink lovers.

The menu is often updated, so you have to check every time when you go to the Bottle Shop.

The Tray Return System

Source of photo:www.facebook.com/timbreplus

Timbre+ has implemented a very successful system, the tray return system. In the other Hawker centres, people leave their trays when they finish, making it one of the main reasons they are a mess.

With the tray return system, you pay an extra $1 when you buy your meal to get the trays to carry you the food. What is even better, you can get that $1 back when you return your tray to the “Treys Return Area” with conveyor belts.

However, due to the use, sometimes the machine does not work and the $1 coin does not pop out. If you are unlucky, just talk to the staff behind the window and they will give you the coin.

The system works smoothly and you won’t find dirty plates left in the tables.

Other Information

Source of photo:www.facebook.com/timbreplus

Timbre+ does NOT have air-conditioned. The area can hold up to 700 people and during peak hours, it can charge with moisture and become very hot. So if you are going to go in a peak hour, it would be a good idea to choose thin clothes.

Timbre+ also has some options of fruits and ice cream that will surely help you down the heat.


Source of photo:www.facebook.com/timbreplus

The easiest way to get to Timbre+ is MRT. It is only 5 minutes away from one-north MRT station.

After dropping of at one-north MRT station, go to the level one of Fusionopolis through exit C.

Outside the main building, you will find the street, Ayer Rajah Avenue. Across the street you will find LaunchPad Block 79 (a green building). Timbre+ is right next to it.

【Address】73A Ayer Rajah Crescent, JTC LaunchPad @ one-north,Singapore 139957
【TEL】+65 6252 2545
【Open Hours】Monday to Thursday:6am to 12am, Friday & Saturday:6am to 1am, Sunday:11am to 11pm (Hawker stalls close at 6pm)
【Official website】http://timbreplus.sg/