【Tallinn】The Pancake Pub, “Kompressor”


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In Estonia, there are many cafes which offer delicious pancakes. Pancakes can be eaten for breakfast, brunch and lunch and Estonians are very familiar with it.

Today, I am introducing Kompressor, which specializes in pancakes and you can have their pancakes even as a dinner, because they offer you both sweet and savory pancakes, and more like pub rather than cafe.

It is located in the Old Town of Tallinn where prices are usually high. In spite of that location, Kompressor lets you enjoy wide plates of pancakes at a pocket-friendly price.

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It is a Place for Foods

source of photo:http://kompressorpub.ee/galerii/

The counter in the center and the wooden tables make this place like a pub and Kompressor never seems like a pancake house.

At Kompressor, you order at the counter and get your drins first. After that, the waitress will bring the orders to your table. There is no table service and only cash is accepted.

About the interior, service, there is not that much to mention about to be honest. Some say it is even less than standard.

But still many locals and tourists visit Kompressor continuously. Want to know why?

It is because they serve really great foods. They do not need any additional stuff to attract people or compensate for their foods. Don’t you think this is the most important element for a food-place?

The Wide Options for the Pancake

source of photo:http://kompressorpub.ee/galerii/

Kompressor has 29 different pancakes. Some can be desserts, others can be dinner.

The sweet ones are topped with fruits, whipped cream, jam, honey…, on the other hands, savory  ones have more choices such as, pesto, turkey, smoked salmon, herring, shrimp, cheese(Brie, feta, blue, Brie)…etc

Even gluten-free pancakes are available and pre-order is needed for that.

Moreover, all the pancakes are only around €4-5 and the potion is generous. Hence I recommend you to share, and order a combination of sweet and savory pancakes (not have both the same taste).

What Should you choose?

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kompressor/143586042374457

From 29 options, what is the best? According to their website,  the top 3 pancakes are Bacon and smoked cheese, Chicken and cream cheese, Raspberries and condensed milk.

However, when you look at the other tables, Pancake with smoked salmon and cheese sauce seems most popular, and of course it is delicious. This combination can not go wrong.

The savory pancakes have garlic dipping sauce and it makes pancakes even better.

Anyway, the chunks of pancake with sweet flavor is always fantastic whatever it is paired with. Hence you do not have to think twice, go for the pancake which get your eye first!

Other Than Pancakes

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kompressor/143586042374457

Their wide options are not limited to pancakes. there are salads, soups and some appetizers, you can opt from.

Among them, Fried cheese balls and Garlic Bread is recommended. The Estonian Garlic Bread is unique. They roast the black bread and serve it with garlic dipping sauce.

Alcohol selections are exciting as well. Solid beers, wine, Estonian ciders are a good choice. At night, a lot of locals come over to enjoy pancake and beer time. Try to join this Estonian style!

Restaurant Details

【Address】Rataskaevu 3, 10123, Tallinn
【TEL】+372 646 4210
【Opening Hours】11:00 – 23:00
【Official Website】http://kompressorpub.ee