【Tunis】All Tunisian Traditions are There, “El Ali”


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After enjoying shopping in the Old Medina, why don’t you take a rest at a beautiful cafe?

El Ali, which is I am recommending, is a cafe and restaurant (only for lunch) where you can experience a traditional Tunisian culture and cuisine.

The food at El Ali is authentic and second to none, and cafe offers you wide variety of drinks.

El Ali will tell you real Tunisian culture from a various aspect. This is definitely a must place when you visit Tunis.

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2 Different Fantastic Vibes

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/ElAliRestoEtCafeCulturel/

El Ali consists of 2 floors, the terrace at upstairs is for cafe and the downstairs is for the restaurant. From the terrace, you can overlook most symbols of Tunis such as the Zitouna Mosque, the mausoleum of Sidi Bel Hsan Chedly and the Cathedral of Tunis.

Moreover, the terrace has a small library, comfortable sofas, cozy Tunisian music, it is exactly a place for relaxing and basking.

While the terrace has the resort vibe, downstairs is like a classic Arabian house. For example, the unique designed lights, colorful and copper plates, you will find Tunisian decor here and there.

The Traditional Tunisian Menu

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/ElAliRestoEtCafeCulturel/

The reason the dish at El Ali is rewarded as authentic is that it is not arranged for tourists. El Ali uses real spices and serve the dish as it is supposed to be. Hence people get addicted to this place.

The couscous is a basic Tunisian cuisine and of course a must try, and what is even more interesting is lamb with orange and couscous. The meat is tender, and the flavor of orange make this dish fruity.

Tajine Maalma also can not be missed, It is the steamed lamb chop and served with semolina, nuts and the oriental rice. The lamb has a deep taste and this is what you would like to have in winter.

The Drinks and Desserts

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/ElAliRestoEtCafeCulturel/

El Ali has a lot of drinks to have with nice view and under the shinny sun.

The citronnade (fresh lemonade) with almonds or mint, fruit smoothies are perfect to appease your thirst. If it is a bit cold day, mint tea or Turkey coffee are recommended.

For the dessert, Zriga is what everyone loves. It is like a Tunisian-style pudding with dried nuts. This is so creamy and rich. You can even have a second cup!

Something You Should Know

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/ElAliRestoEtCafeCulturel/

1)Basically, the restaurant doesn’t open for dinner. But if you are group of 8 or more and make a reservation in advance, they will open for you.

2)They don’t sell alcohol, hence please enjoy some healthy and tasty drinks instead.

3)The foods takes a bit long time to be served, but it worth waiting. Just relax and enjoy the Tunisian ambiance.

Cafe & Restaurant Details

【Address】Rue Jamaa Ez Zitouna, Tunis
【TEL】+216 71 321 927
【Opening Hours】Café:  8:30 – 20:00, Restaurant: 12:00 – 16:30