【Manhattan Beach】Casual Beach Environment, “Uncle Bill’s Pancake House”


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For your breakfast, how about pancakes?

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House located in Manhattan Beach is famous for its pancakes and omelette and let you enjoy great breakfast in nice vibes.

There is always a long waiting line of locals, and it definitely worth waiting.

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The Vibe

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/unclebillspancakehouse/

What people come to Uncle Bill’s Pancake House for is its vibes. Especially for the breakfast, you can hardly find the place as comfortable as Uncle Bill’s Pancake House.

There are seats inside and outside, and the outside is the one you want to choose. You can view the people walking on the Manhattan Beach’s streets and just in a few blocks below, there are beautiful Pacific. The cozy breeze from the ocean makes you very relaxed and you feel like spending several hours just for breakfast.

This building itself is not only leisurely but also has a history. It’s been there for more than half a century which represents the nostalgia as well.

These vibes attract locals and it allow you to bring your beloved pets as well.

Their Menu

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/unclebillspancakehouse/

For the breakfast, they have omelettes, pancakes, wraps, waffles, french toast, potatoes and some fruits. The breakfast menu is served all day.

For the lunch, sandwiches, burgers, soup, salad and fish&chips are available.

Their options are wide and cover almost every dish which people would like to have for breakfast and lunch. Various fresh drinks are available as well which is a must for the breakfast in the resort vibe.


source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/unclebillspancakehouse/

As the name tells you, the signature menu is a pancake. The pancake menu compose of a choice of 10 different types.

You can top apple cinnamon, pumpkin spice, macadamia nut, strawberry and banana nut…etc. If you try it for the first time, the most simple one, butter milk, can be your good choice.

One plate has 3 pancakes and the portion is generous. You may opt for 2 pancakes and 2 eggs style as well.

Other Recommendations

source of photo:http://harapecodayori.blogspot.sg/2014/06/uncle-bills-pancake-housemanhattan-beach.html

If you are not a big fun of pancakes, how about trying an omelette?

They are using high quality eggs, which makes the omelette fresh and rich. Uncle Bill’s Pancake House has about 20 different types of omelettes and Avocado & Jack cheese and Chili & Cheese are highly recommended.

They also have international ones such as Istanbul, Hungarian Spanish and so on, which can be the reason for your 2nd visit.

In addition, Uncle Bill’s is also known for its potatoes stroganoff, which includes hash browns sauteed with crumbled bacon, melted american cheese and topped with sour cream.

No Reservations

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/unclebillspancakehouse/

They don’t take any reservations. Hence if you don’t want to wait that long, please go early.

After 7 am or lunch time, be prepared to wait for 30 – 45 minutes.

Restaurant Details

【Address】1305 Highland Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
【TEL】+1 310-545-5177
【Opening Hours】Mon-Fri: 6 am – 3 pm, Sat – Sun: 7 am – 3 pm
【Official Website】http://www.unclebills.net/