【Vienna】Weiner Schnitzel is A Must,”Lugeck”


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In the heart of downtown Vienna, there is a really nice restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional Austrian cuisine in a modern ambiance.

The restaurant is Lugeck, which is suitable and ideal for family gathering, lunch with colleagues and especially when you would like to experience tradition of Austria.

When you ask locals any good restaurants, Lugeck is always named and you will see a lot of locals to come here after work.

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The Twist of History and Modern

source of photo:http://www.lugeck.com/en

The Regensburger Hof building, where Lugeck is at, is picturesque and one of the symbols in Vienna. It was built in the 14th century first and rebuilt in 1897.

It has numerous stories to tell and the picturesque look lets you know how meaningful it is to Austrian.

In spite of a very historical outside,  Lugeck has a very modern and innovative decor inside.

Chandeliers above the bar, chairs and benches made of beech wood, suspended lamps and light…Throughout the hall is very bright and the decor based on natural colors makes the resort vibe rather than an European historical one.

However once you look outside through the window, you can see the all historical view in Vienna. It is like you are experiencing 2 different centuries at the same time.

The Wide Range of Menu

source of photo:http://www.lugeck.com/en

Lugeck offers the traditional Austrian cuisine and it is not all they have. They offer a seasonal menu, and an international menu as well. Of course that they are organized for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Sweet potato curry, Beef steak, Monkfish…You can choose whatever matches your mood. This is why Lugeck is chosen for some gathering.

For seasonal, they offer some wines as well as Entrée each month. If you prefer a more innovative one, please go for it.

Recommended Menu

source of photo:http://www.lugeck.com/en

A must at Lugeck is Weiner Schnitzel. Many people praise that Lugeck’s the best one in Vienna.

They use veal for their Weiner Schnitzel and this is the most traditional style, not pork nor chicken.

It is cooked to perfection and very tender. When you have it with cranberry sauce, they perfectly match and taste amazing. And the potato salad that accompanies Weiner Schnitzel makes people get crazy about it. It is very rich and everyone would like to know the recipe.

As well as Weiner Schnitzel, Truffled potato soup and Goulash is something that should not be missed.

They have lovely desserts like apple strudel or chocolate cake. Hence, please do not make your stomach bloated only with starters and entrée.

Great Service and Family Friendly

source of photo:https://www.facebook.com/lugeck/

The staff at Lugeck is very polite and well knowledged about menus. And the quick service is always there and you can feel paid attention very well.

Lugeck is in the luxurious side but families with small kids are also welcome. If you ask, the staff offer the painting set and don’t let kids bored until the dishes are served.

And some tables have dividers between next tables. That way, you can have more private ambiance and do not have to be worried about interrupting others with loud conversations that much.

Restaurant Details

souse of phote:http://www.lugeck.com/en

【Address】Lugeck 4, 1010 Wien
【TEL】+43 1 5125060
【Open Hours】11:30 – 00:00
【Official Website】http://www.lugeck.com/en